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Table Mountain India Venster Hike 

A challenging and quieter route to the summit of Table Mountain. Scramble up rocky outcrops. Look back onto the white sands of Cape Town’s iconic beaches and the glimmering swells of Table Bay. Get a 360-degree view of surrounding peaks and the city below. Enjoy some time and many photo opportunities on the summit of the 7th Natural Wonder of The World before catching the cable car down.

Subject to availability

GRADE: Difficult

INCLUDED: Professional Mountain Guide

EXCLUDED: One-Way Cable Car Fee, Food and Drinks, Pick Up and Drop off from your Accommodation

MEETING TIME: Early Morning. Depends on the sunrise and weather. We will communicate details before the date

MEETING PLACE: Cable Car Station, Tafelberg Road, Cape Town


DURATION: 3-4 hours

WHAT TO BRING: 1.5L+ of Water, Comfortable Walking Shoes, Sun Protection, Hat, Warm/Dry Top, Snack, Small Backpack to Carry Everything


PRICE: From R1450 per person

Detailed Description

Join our professional guide on an exhilarating adventure up Table Mountain via the India Venster route. This hike offers a challenging yet rewarding experience, showcasing breathtaking views and unique natural wonders. Prepare yourself for an exciting scramble up rocky outcrops, where you'll feel a rush of adrenaline as you navigate the trail. As you ascend, look back at the picturesque white sands of Cape Town's renowned beaches and the sparkling waves of Table Bay, creating a stunning backdrop for your journey. As you reach higher altitudes, be prepared to be awe-struck by the panoramic 360-degree views of the surrounding peaks and the city below. Take in the sweeping vistas, marvel at the rugged beauty of the mountain, and capture countless memorable moments through your camera lens. Finally, after conquering the challenging terrain, relish some well-deserved time at the summit of Table Mountain, considered the 7th Natural Wonder of the World. Take advantage of the ample photo opportunities and soak in the awe-inspiring vistas stretching out in every direction. To conclude your adventure, enjoy a convenient descent by cable car, allowing you to fully appreciate the magnitude and grandeur of Table Mountain from a different perspective. This hike with a professional guide promises an unforgettable experience that combines physical exertion with unparalleled natural beauty.

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