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Cape Town City

Start your day with a Cable Car ride up one of the 7 New Natural Wonders of the World, for a bird’s eye view of the “Mother City”. Enjoy the rich natural heritage of this geological wonder.

Descend into the city and take a walk or drive to some must see sites including the company gardens, museums of your interest, historic buildings, and other sites that will give you an understanding of South African culture and history.

Cape Town City Centre is shrouded in history dating back to indigenous tribes and the Dutch and British settlers who all toiled for control over the city that started our country. Take a trip back in time to explore colonialism and its footprints, our troubled apartheid era, and, of course, the new and modern global city that is Cape Town.

Detailed Description

Embark on a fascinating guided tour that takes you up Table Mountain, one of the worlds wonders of nature and explore its summit snapping photos and enjoying the geology and flora. You will then meander through all the remarkable places of interest in downtown Cape Town. As you explore the history, you'll gain insights into the events that shaped Cape Town. You’ll have the option to either visit the colourful houses and cobblestone streets of the Bo Kaap and enjoy a Cape Malay Meal at the home of a local or you can visit the District 6 to learn a bit about the Apartheid era and stop at the award winning Truth Coffee for lunch. After lunch take a stroll through the Company’s Garden. This beautiful park offers a serene escape amidst the bustling city and serves as a gateway to various attractions. Immerse yourself in the splendour of nature while discovering museums that align with your interests. These museums showcase an array of topics, ranging from art and culture to science and natural history. Continuing your exploration, you'll encounter numerous historic buildings that testify to Cape Town's rich heritage. As you admire their architectural beauty, you'll delve into the stories and narratives of the diverse cultures that have influenced the city over the centuries. Moreover, this tour provides a deeper understanding of South African history, shedding light on significant events and periods that have shaped the nation. You'll gain insights into the struggles and impacts of colonialism, reflecting on the interactions between indigenous tribes, Dutch settlers, and British colonizers. The tour also confronts the challenging era of apartheid, highlighting the city's role in the fight for equality and its impact on its residents' lives. This part of the journey encourages reflection on the problematic past and the progress made toward a more inclusive society. Finally, as you explore downtown Cape Town, you'll witness the city's transformation into a vibrant and cosmopolitan hub. The tour showcases the modern face of Cape Town, highlighting its global influence, diverse communities, and contemporary attractions. In summary, this guided tour of downtown Cape Town offers a comprehensive experience that takes you through the city's historical, cultural, and modern aspects.

INCLUDED: Professional Culture Guide, Pick Up and Drop off from your Accommodation, Museum Entries, Bottled Water.

EXCLUDED:  Food & Drinks



WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable walking shoes, Sun Protection, and a Warm/Dry Top


Example Itinerary 

  • 08:00 Pick up from Accommodation

  • 08:30 Catch the Cable Car

  • 09:00 Enjoy the summit of Table Mountain

  • 11:00 Descend into the City Bowl

  • 11:30 Visit the District 6 Museum or Bo Kaap

  • 12:30 Lunch at the award-winning Truth Coffee or enjoy Cape Malay cuisine in the Bo Kaap

  • 13:30 Meander the Company’s Garden with a range of museums and monuments to explore

  • 15:00 Visit Green Market Square and have the chance to buy some African memorabilia

  • 16:00 Drop off at Accommodation

Note: This is a private tour, and your itinerary is flexible

Subject to availability

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